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Board Members

The Mount Hotham RMB Board consists of five members, appointed on a skills basis. The role of the Board is to manage the operational and business aspects of Mount Hotham.

The inaugural Board officially took over control of the resort as of April 30, 1998. Prior to this all Alpine Resorts were managed collectively under the jurisdiction of The Alpine Resorts Commission.

Board members are appointed for a period of 3 years and in March 2018, Board positions were reappointed by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change.

Members of the Board - 2021

Andrew Skewes  (Chairperson)

Andrew Skewes was appointed to the Board in January 2016 and re-appointed as Deputy-Chair on March 30 2018. Andrew has a wide range of professional work experience, including over 12 years in Government as a Senior Executive at the Commonwealth and State levels, a consultant in his own practice and as a lecturer and Senior Executive in higher education. Andrew is a member of the Australian Institute of Company of Directors and has been a director of companies in the Water and Information Technology sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Science, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Master of Commerce (Economics Hons 1st), all from the University of Melbourne. He is a member of Anton Huette Ski Lodge at Mount Hotham.


Anthea Packer (Deputy Chair)

Anthea Packer was appointed to the Board on March 30 2018. As a local, Anthea is a regular visitor to Mt Hotham on foot, bike and skis. She is passionate about regional development and sustainably growing the economic value of the Alpine Resorts to the North East Victorian economy. With qualifications in Commerce, Community Development and Conservation, and nearly two decades of professional experience in public land management, she brings to the leadership team a commitment to ensure a balance between connecting communities with nature, and protection of the unique natural and cultural heritage values, within and adjoining, the Alpine Resorts.


Michelle Croughan

Michelle Croughan was appointed to the Board on March 30 2018. Michelle has worked in Local and State government as a planner, with a particular focus on the management of the planning system, for over 20 years. Michelle was the Manager of Alpine Planning for the State Government for a number of years and over the last 15 years has spent considerable periods of time in ski resorts in Australia and Japan with her family. She is currently a consultant providing advice and advocacy about planning policy and strategy. Michelle is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has an Honours Degree in Planning and Design at Melbourne University and a Diploma in Business Management at RMIT. Michelle is also a member of the Victorian Coastal Council.


Peter Valerio

Peter Valerio was appointed to the Board on March 30 2018. Peter has over 30 years experience in commercial, public sector and business roles within the tourism sector and is widely respected for his destination marketing expertise. In his early career he was General Manager for one of Australias largest ski tour operators and accommodation providers. He later co-developed and applied destination branding for the Australian Tourist Commission and drove development of a national approach to tourism forecasting across Australia. In 20 years heading Tourism Development Strategy Services, he has helped the Hong Kong Tourism Board reshape their global strategy, redefine the market image of Wollongong, and develop product strategies for the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. He has formal qualification in Economics (B Econ. Syd) and has written and delivered MBA subjects in tourism planning and international tourism marketing. He is married with four children and lives in North Eastern Victoria.


Helen Moran

Helen Moran was appointed to the Board on March 30 2018. Helen is an accomplished Executive Leader, possessing extensive business and commercial knowledge and expertise within the ski resort and tourism industries. Helen has a demonstrated track record of providing tangible results that positively impact on organisational performance. Helen is experienced at initiating strategic change that positively impacts on efficiency and bottom line profitability, without compromising quality of service or standards. Adept at providing leadership throughout an organisation, and recognised as a strategic thinker and leader within the industry, Helens past experience on various committees and boards in the Alpine Resort area and generally in tourism allows her to contribute towards the future direction of Victoria Alpine Resorts. 


Functions of the Board

The functions of the Board, in respect of the alpine resort for which the Board is established under the Alpine Resort (Management) Act 1997 Section 38; are:

  • To act as a Committee of Management of any Crown land deemed to be permanently reserved under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 in the resort.
  • Contribute, together with Tourism Victoria ... and the Council, to the overall promotion of alpine resorts.
  • To develop a tourism and marketing strategy for, and to promote the resort and to collect and expend voluntary contributions from commercial undertakings in the resort for this purpose.
  • To provide services.
  • To provide transport services in the resort.
  • To collect fees prescribed by the regulations for the resort.
  • To attract investment for the improvement for the resort in respect of which the board is established.
  • To carry out any other function conferred on the Board by or under this or any other Act.

Sub Committees - 2021

Finance, Risk & Audit Sub-committee

  • Michelle Croughan (Chair)
  • Anthea Packer
  • Peter Valerio

Growing Mt Hotham Project Committee

  • Andrew Skewes (Chair)
  • Helen Moran
  • Michelle Croughan

People Culture and Remuneration Sub-committee

  • Helen Moran (Chair)
  • Anthea Packer
  • Andrew Skewes

Consultative forum

  • Andrew Skewes (Chair)
  • All board members are encouraged to participate when they can.