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Property & Planning

Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (MHARMB) acts as the Crown's representative for leasing and other land management functions including planning. The Victorian Minister for Planning is the Responsible and Planning Authority for Mount Hotham.

The sensitive nature of the alpine environment means that planning and development must be undertaken in a manner that ensures the natural environment of the Resort and surrounding areas are protected and enhanced.

Planning at Mount Hotham is governed by the Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme. This scheme outlines the framework under which MHARMB ensures that the protection and management of significant environmental features and ecosystems can be balanced with the sustainable use and development of alpine resorts.

All planning permit requests must be submitted to MHARMB, and our role is to assess the request and then provide a referral for approval to DELWP's Alpine Planning Unit, who makes decisions on all planning permit requests for Mount Hotham. MHARMB does not have the power under our governing legislation to provide planning approval.