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Reserved parking

Limited reserved parking is available during winter to eligible people or businesses. 

  • All reserved parking requires payment and no reserved parking is linked to resort entry season permits. Resort entry must be purchased separately at the designated rate.
  • There is no overnight reserved parking in the Corral car park.
  • A reserved car park is not exclusive to any person or business; access is dependent on availability
  • Operators with business permits and a demonstrated need to move goods or provide services will receive a 50% discount for reserved parking and are eligible for resort entry permits at the Super Early Bird price.

These guidelines ensure fair and equitable access to reserved parking, and from an operational perspective address safety and amenity issues around snow clearing.

Applications for reserved parking for the 2021 winter season must be made via the online application form by Friday 4 June 2021. Submitting an application does not guarantee a reserved car park, even if you received one previously.

MHARMB will confirm if your reserved car park application has been successful prior to commencement of the winter season 2021.


For more information and pricing, please click here