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Building Standards of Occupancy Guidelines

The Building Standards of Occupancy Inspections are part of your Lease obligations at Mt Hotham.

Listed in the Alpine Standard Lease Part 11, Clause 11.3 and Part 12, Clauses 12.1 & 12.2 are the reference to these inspections and reporting.

These inspections are conducted on a three yearly cycle.

Building Standards of Occupancy Guidelines - Mt Hotham

Bushfire Protection Compliance Guidelines

The Board is committed to ensure that all buildings within its juristication have the minimum level of protection from bushfire attack.

These Guidelines form part of the Building Standards of Occupancy Audit Report.

Bushfire Protection Compliance Guidelines - Mt Hotham

Registration of Pools and Spa

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria.

It is now mandatory for owners of land where a swimming pool or spa is located to register their pool or spa.

Visit the Victorian Building Authority website for further information and frequently asked questions.

Registering your Swimming pool or Spa

Deadlines for registration of a permanent pool or spa, that was constructed before 1 November 2020, must lodge their registration application no later than 1 November 2020.

See application by clicking on the link below.

Application Form to Register a pool or spa at Mt Hotham Alpine Resort


Essential Safety Measures

When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, particularly its safety features or essential safety measures. The maintenance of essential safety measures will ensure that important safety systems within the building remain at the required operational level throughout the life of the building.

The type of maintenance needed depends on the complexity of the safety measure, equipment or feature and the maintenance program required or expected at the time of installation.

Building occupiers have an obligation to ensure all exits and paths of travel to exits are kept readily accessible, functional and clear of obstructions.

Building owners must ensure that an essential safety measure is maintained so that it operates satisfactorily.

Building owners must prepare an annual essential safety measures report on the buildings essential safety measures. They may authorise an agent, such as a specialist maintenance contractor, to complete the report. The annual essential safety measures report is to be in accordance with the approved form.

The owner must also keep records of maintenance checks, safety measures and repair work so a municipal building surveyor or chief officer of the fire brigade can inspect them. Annual essential safety measure reports and records of maintenance checks, safety measure and repair work must be made available for inspection on request after 24 hours' notice has been given and a copy sent to the MHARMB by 1 May annually.

A template for the preparation of the annual report is available on this site. Also available is a template prepared by the Country Fire Authority for the Fire Orders and evacuation plans required in alpine buildings.

Approved Form Regulation 1223/1224

Annual Essential Safety Measures Report Template

Fire and Life Safety

Fire and Life Safety

The extent of those features will vary according to the circumstances of the building and its use. Most buildings within the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort are residential in nature and incorporate sleeping accommodation in most cases. Because of this, it is extremely important that basic fire safety systems are installed and maintained to their optimum operation levels.

Fire and life safety systems and components in a building can include both active and passive installations. Typically, active systems include fire hose reels, portable fire extinguishers, smoke detection and alarm systems, illuminated exit signs and emergency lights. Passive systems are normally fire and smoke doors, fire rated construction, exit doors and hardware and even paths of travel to an exit.

In most cases, these systems have been a building code requirement for many years and therefore, it is the responsibility of the Resort Management Board through its appointed Municipal Building Surveyor, to ensure they are firstly installed where required and secondly, are maintained in accordance with the legislation (refer to section on Essential Safety Measures).

Fire Orders

The Country Fire Authority have prepared a template for the Fire Orders and evacuation plans required in alpine buildings. A copy provided to the MHARMB.

Fire Orders Template Portrait

Fire Orders Template Landscape

Fire Safety Management and Evacuation Plan

To assist your premises in being fire ready we ask that all premises at Mt Hotham complete a Fire Safety Management & Evacuation Plan for their lodge, club, apartment building or business. The Mt Hotham Dinner Plain CFA and Mt Hotham Resort Management Board are available to assist you to create and finalise your plans.

Don't hesitate to contact either CFA Operations Manager;

CFA District 24

1 Smythe Street


P/ 02 6043 8832

F/ 02 6024 7821

or Mt Hotham ARMB Senior Manager Guest Engagement - Jason Nightingale

P/ 03 5759 3550


Fire Safety Management Evacuation Plan Template

Prescribed Accommodation

Accommodation facilities are required to be registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 as prescribed accommodation if payment is made for a person or persons to be accommodated. For the 2015 season there were a total of 52 accommodation facilities registered at Mt Hotham.

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board engages Indigo Shire Council's Environmental Health Officers to carry out regulatory duties under the Food Act 1984, Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 and Tobacco Act 1987. This service requires full compliance and a high standard of public health within the Resort with assessments and inspections undertaken on food premises, accommodation facilities, health premises, educational visits to ensure tobacco compliance and the investigation of received complaints.

Indigo Shire Council

P/ 03 5728 8000


PO Box 28

Beechworth Victoria 3747

Definition of Fully Enclosed Covered Area (F.E.C.A.)

Fully Enclosed Covered Area (F.E.C.A.)

The sum of all such areas at all building floor levels, including basements (except unexcavated portions), floored roof spaces and attics, garages, penthouses, enclosed porches and attached enclosed covered ways alongside buildings, equipment rooms, lift shafts, vertical ducts, staircases and any other fully enclosed spaces and useable areas of the building, computed by measuring from the normal inside face of exterior walls but ignoring any projections such as plinths, columns, piers and the like which project from the normal inside face of exterior walls. It shall not include open courts, light wells, connecting or isolated covered ways and net open areas of upper portions of rooms, lobbies, halls, Interstitial spaces and the like which extend through the storey being computed.

Unit of measurement: Square Metres (m²)

Note: The definition of exterior walls in multi-tenanted buildings is to include the building as a whole, not the sum of the individual apartments.

FECA Definition

Building Permits

When planning to build, extend, renovate or create a new space within your building you may require a building permit.

To find out whether you require a building permit talk to a registered building surveyor.

If you do not have any contacts, the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board has engaged a Municipal Building Surveyor from Alpine Building Permits, Mr Phil Davern.

Phil Davern


M/ 0428 797 273

W/ 03 5755 1589

Building Permit Application Form - Mt Hotham