Mount Hotham

Hard Waste Collection - 2020/21 summer

Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board will conduct two hard rubbish waste collections over the 2020/21 summer period.

WHEN: Monday 30 November 2020 and Tuesday 6 April 2021 (after Easter).

HOW: Smaller loose items are to be placed in clear plastic bags. Check that the items you are disposing of do not incur a fee (see below). Please place waste along the road edge. Please be mindful not to:

  • Block access along the road
  • Place waste on native vegetation
  • Create hazards (sharp edges, high stockpiles) for pedestrians
  • Create litter issues in high winds

Items that CAN be placed for hard rubbish collection:

  • TVs, VCRs, stereos, e-waste including phones
  • White goods such as washing machines, dryers, fridges, ovens (door/seal removed)
  • Small furniture items including couches
  • Hot water services
  • Mattresses *
  • Empty paint tins, paint dried out
  • Bikes, skis, snowboards, poles and boots
  • Textiles including manchester and clothing
  • Leatherwear
  • Hard toys, soft toys, old games, books etc
  • Cookware including pots, pans and cutlery
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic items such as buckets and washing baskets
  • Printer cartridges (please place in separate bag)

Items that CANNOT be place for hard rubbish collection

  • No building materials including timbers
  • No dirt, stone or bricks
  • No asbestos
  • No items weighing greater than 50kg
  • No gas bottles
  • No hazardous materials including chemicals, paint or batteries
  • No industrial or commercial waste
  • No regular garbage or recycling

* Mattresses and some other materials can be collected for a fee. If you wish to dispose of these wastes, please contact us prior to a collection day to arrange cost payment and disposal details.

Any items left that CANNOT be placed for hard waste will be left for you to dispose of responsibly and MUST be disposed of ASAP.

To make enquiries or if you have any questions, please call Ian Price on 0421 423 412 during office hours (9.00am to 4.00pm - Monday to Friday) or email