Mount Hotham

Complimentary Resort Entry and Reserved Parking - Principles and Framework

In 2020, MHARMB conducted a review of the Reserved Parking policy and the complimentary Resort Entry policy to ensure both were meeting our operational and strategic objectives, and also catering for stakeholder requirements.

As a result, changes were implemented prior to the 2020 season. Due to the disruption experienced last year, we are communicating the changes again to ensure all stakeholders understand the revised criteria and processes.

Reserved parking

MHARMB has made changes to reserved parking due to operational requirements and safety factors for the community and visitors that attend the resort in winter. In summary, these changes are:

  • There is a new process for applying for reserved parking.
  • All reserved parking requires payment and no reserved parking is linked to resort entry season permits. Resort entry must be purchased separately at the designated rate.
  • There is no longer any overnight reserve parking in the Corral car park.
  • A reserved car park is not exclusive to any person or business; access is dependent on availability
  • Operators with business permits and a demonstrated need to move goods or provide services will receive a 50% discount for reserved parking and are eligible for resort entry permits at the Super Early Bird price.

These changes ensure fair and equitable access to reserved parking, and from an operational perspective address safety and amenity issues around snow clearing.

Applications for reserved parking must be made via the online application form by Friday 4 June 2021. Submitting an application does not guarantee a reserved car park, even if you received one previously.

MHARMB will confirm if your reserved car park application has been successful prior to commencement of the winter season 2021.

Complimentary Resort Entry

The eligibility criteria for complimentary resort entry have been reviewed. As a result of this review, commercial site holders and businesses operated under a commercial lease, licence, or authority where there is a demonstrated operational requirement to move goods or provide services between different worksites within the village will only be entitled to one complimentary resort entry permit.

Any additional permits will require full payment at the Super Early Bird rate.

To apply, please complete the online application form.


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