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Vision & Mission

The RMB has adopted a new organisation vision and mission that points to a focus on resort growth and revitalisation to accelerate post-COVID recovery.


To establish Mt Hotham as a lead regional tourism destination with a thriving year-round economy, delivered within an environmentally sustainable framework.


The RMB will build Mt Hotham’s competitive advantage via new and rejuvenated infrastructure, services and experiences. This will be achieved through collaborating with public, private and community entities, and actively planning for and seeking investment in future resort growth.

Our Strategic Direction

Consistent with these vision and mission statements, the RMB has adopted an approach that focuses on resort revitalisation and growth through stimulating investment that is consistent with the Mt Hotham Masterplan. The Mt Hotham Masterplan establishes a long-term view for the development and growth of the resort. Created by the RMB in consultation with stakeholders, the Masterplan identifies five key precincts for development, which the RMB is looking to realise.

The RMB also operates consistently with the new Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (ARSP), an industry-wide strategy that looks to build a long-term and sustainable resort sector, along with enabling objectives required for the RMB to operate optimally. In broad terms, this includes a focus on: enabling investment; sustaining the mountain environment; improving the visitor experience; delivering efficient and effective services; and enhancing organisational capability. 

Our Values

The MHARMB subscribes to the seven public sector values that guide the actions of all staff operating in this sector:  responsiveness, integrity, impartiality, accountability, respect, leadership and human rightsWe are also committed to genuinely partner, and meaningfully engage, with Victoria’s Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities to support the protection of Country, the maintenance of spiritual and cultural practices and their broader aspirations in the 21st century and beyond.

The MHARMB is also guided by its own organisational values that influence all its strategic and operational efforts:

  • Innovation - A commitment to driving continual growth and improvements both organisationally and across the broader resort offering.
  • Collaboration – Working as a strong team and collectively with Government, industry and stakeholders to achieve common resort goals.
  • Communication – Maintaining timely, transparent and two-way engagement across staff and stakeholders to optimise resort outcomes.