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This page contains information about policies and frameworks governing RMB's services. If you need more information than is provided below, or require clarification, please email

Complimentary resort entry

Businesses with a demonstrated need to move goods or provide services between different worksites within the village during winter are entitled to one complimentary resort entry permit per season.

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Reserved parking

Limited reserved parking is available during winter to eligible people or businesses.

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Oversnow vehicle permit policy

Businesses with a demonstrated need for oversnow transport during winter can apply for an oversnow permit, allowing use of oversnow vehicles. Please email for more information.

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Dog permit policy

Dog permits are required to keep a dog within the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort. Exclusions apply for registered guide dogs, assistance dogs and people transporting a dog through the Resort.

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Drone use in the resort

Drone use within the Mt Hotham resort is subject to strict rules in order to preserve the safety and privacy of resort guests and residents.

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Financial Hardship Policy

The purpose of this policy is to enable stakeholders experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 to make application to the RMB for assistance relating to any monies owed to the RMB.

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