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Dog Permits

Victoria’s alpine regions are amongst the most biodiverse regions in Australia. Domestic animals pose a risk to our native wildlife and sensitive alpine environment.  

The Resort Management manages a dog permit system to restrict the number of dogs allowed into the resort to minimise these environmental impacts, which means visitors are not permitted to bring any pets into the Mt Hotham resort at any time. 

No other domestic animal (including cats) are permitted in the resort.

A permit is not required for registered assistance dogs or people transporting a dog through the resort.

Year-round Dog Permits

  • Year-round dog permits are offered to year-round residents, property or business owners. Year-round dog permits are issued annually. 
  • 2023 year-round dog permit holders will receive an email on how to re-apply for 2024 but will be guaranteed a 2024 permit provided they still meet the eligibility conditions of the Mt Hotham Dogs in Resort Policy and apply by 15 December 2023.
  • New applicants seeking a 2024 permit will be waitlisted and must email the Resort Management at to be added to the waitlist by 15 December 2023. We are not able to provide a guarantee that 2024 permits will be available to new applicants. 


Summer Temporary Dog Permits 

  • Due to the environmental impact of dogs at Mt Hotham, Short-term Dog Permits have been phased out and as of 15 January 2023 are no longer available.


  • All dog permit holders must abide by the conditions in the Dogs in Resort Policy.
  • All dogs must remain on a lead at all times.
  • All faeces must be collected and placed into a bag. The soiled bag must either be placed into a garbage bag then into the garbage hutch or placed in the designated dog waste bins as outlined on the dog walking area map below.
  • All dogs are only able to be walked within the designated dog walking areas as outlined on the dog walking map below. 
  • All other areas are restricted as fox baiting may impact these areas. The November 2023 - May 2024 Fox Baiting Map and Information highlights fox baiting sites and zones. 


Dog Walking Area Map

Dogs In Resort Policy


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