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Our Flora and Fauna


To date over 100 indigenous fauna have been found and recorded within the Resort! Mt Hotham is home to native Australian mammals, such as the Mountain Pygmy Possum, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Black-tailed Wallaby, Platypus, Short Beak Echidna, Common Wombat, Common Ringtail and Brushtail Possums, Mainland Dusky Antechinus, Broad-tooth Rat and Bush Rat and numerous species of small bats.

In fact, it was at Mt Hotham that the Mountain Pygmy Possum, once believed to be extinct, was discovered within the University Ski Club in 1966. Since this discovery more populations of Mountain Pygmy Possum have been discovered within the resort and are carefully monitored for their conservation. Recently a second 'Tunnel of Love' was constructed to allow the possums to cross under The Great Alpine Road.

You'll also be able to spy a variety of birds on the mountain such as the Wedge Tail Eagle, Magpie, Kookaburra, Nankeen Kestrel, Superb Lyrebird, Crimson Rosella, Flame Robin and a variety of Honeyeaters. Mt Hotham is also home to numerous alpine reptiles, such as the She-Oak Skink, the Mountain Galaxias Fish and the Alpine Tree Frog. There are also a number of introduced species within the resort such as the rabbit, hare, fox, deer and cat that pose a significant threat to our amazing Aussie wildlife. 


Between November and February Mt Hotham bursts into flower thanks to its rich alpine species diversity. The Resort stocks several books that can help you identify species as you explore, and a self-guided ecology walk brochure is available to help you identify communities of significance. With over 400 native species, many of which are unique to the Australian alps, it's a sight you won't soon forget.

Much of the flora within the Resort is indigenous, from the Snow Gums that dominate the upper slopes to the Alpine Ash and Mountain Gum which populate the woodlands downslope and the Snow Daisy and Horny Snow-grass that are common in snow patch communities. 

Mt Hotham Flora Guide

The Mt Hotham Flora Guide was prepared by the Resort Management's Environment team and is the perfect way to identify the many beautiful flowers you find as you hike Mt Hotham's fabulous tracks and trails.

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Bogong Moth Tracker

Find out how you can help the Mountain Pygmy-possum by reporting Bogong Moth sightings

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Bogong Moth Swarms

It's a truly incredible sight when Bogong Moths arrive in swarms in Australia's alpine region! 

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Resources for schools

Zoos Victoria has developed a range of educational materials about our endangered wildlife including the Mountain Pygmy-possum. These are designed for Victorian Foundation-Year 2 teachers and students., 

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