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Strategies & Key Projects

Throughout 2020, Mt Hotham Resort Management focused on securing Government grant funding to deliver major infrastructure projects that have the ability to accelerate economic recovery, while meeting long-term strategic objectives associated with the Masterplan.

To this effect, the Resort Management is delivering key infrastructure projects leveraging $5 million of State Government investment – the Alpine Gateway at Loch Car Park and the Hotham Alpine Base at Whiskey Flat.  Both projects are in alignment with the Mt Hotham Masterplan.

The Hotham Alpine Base at Whiskey Flat was completed prior to the 2022 snow season and is now available for use by the Mt Hotham community. Find out more here.

The Alpine Gateway car park was used successfully during the 2023 Snow Season to provide access to the Heavenly Valley area of the skifield, and the full facility is due for completion in 2023/24. 

Future projects

The resort also secured funding for the Hotham Hub at Wire Plain, and we are now seeking commercial partners for the new venue. Find out more here

Also in 2022, the RMB invited tenders for the Hotham Precinct Development to transform the Hotham village centre and improve amenity for visitors. The tender process is currently under way. 

Masterplan Activation Strategy

The Resort Management has created the Mt Hotham Masterplan Activation Strategy to define and prioritize the works identified in the Masterplan, translating high-level precinct concepts into deliverable projects that can be implemented in accordance with need and impact.

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Mt Hotham Masterplan

The Mt Hotham Masterplan has been prepared to ensure the future development of Mt Hotham proceeds within the context of a clearly documented and strategically supported policy framework.

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Alpine Gateway

The Alpine Gateway is a strategic enabling project that will create a new visitor hub and parking facility that will create capacity for further public and private investment within the resort in support of a new visitor precinct

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Hotham Alpine Base - Whiskey Flat

The Whiskey Flat Alpine Recreation Facility will deliver a new accessible, multipurpose public facility incorporating community space, changing rooms and other public facilities,

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Hotham Hub - Wire Plain

The Hotham Hub will be used by families and 'first timers' engaging in snow play experiences, as well as snow shoers and cross country skiers who will use it as a meeting point and rest stop when accessing the cross country network. Due for completion in 2024.

Hotham Central Precinct development

In 2022 the Resort Management invited tenders for the development of four parcels of land in the Hotham Central Precinct. Development of this area will unify resort services in an accessible, central location, creating a vibrant new centre for resort activity.

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