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Mt Hotham Masterplan

The Mt Hotham Masterplan has been prepared to ensure the future development of Mt Hotham proceeds within the context of a clearly documented and strategically supported policy framework.

This document will provide certainty for stakeholders and investors and confidence for government that Mt Hotham’s functional role and future opportunities are appropriately managed and coordinated. It will guide and facilitate future built form development, public realm upgarde and the ongoing evolution of Mt Hotham as one of Victoria’s premier Alpine Resorts for the next 20 years or more, including expanded activities throughout the winter and summer seasons.

The Masterplan identifies a medium-to-long term view for Mt Hotham Resort and functions to coordinate the direction for future development of the resort. This Masterplan however does not seek to nominate fixed or mandatory outcomes; rather it provides a flexible ‘road map’ to guide future development initiatives.

This Masterplan consists of the following elements:

  • An overall design vision statement for Mt Hotham;
  • An analysis of the (designated through an analysis of existing conditions) 5 activity nodes/ precincts being: Hotham Central, Over Snow Link, Davenport, Wire Plain and Whiskey Flat.
  • An overall Mt Hotham Resort Framework Plan to guide the functional roles of designated precincts within the resort; ▪ Specific design vision statements and Precinct Framework Plans for each of the 5 designated precincts;
  • A set of Urban Design Principles Objectives and Guidelines which are drafted to apply generally to the Mt Hotham Resort as well as to specific Precincts.

Mt Hotham Masterplan Addendum 1 - Mt Hotham Offset Site