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Emergency Management

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Mt Hotham Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2018-2021 was developed to meet the legislative requirements of the Emergency Management Act 1986. 

Community Bushfire Emergency Management Plan

In combination with the preparation of the Mt Hotham Municipal Fire Management Plan 2016-2018, the RMB prepared the Mt Hotham Community Bushfire Emergency Management Plan. This document was endorsed by the CFA in 2016. The endorsement of this plan gave practical effect to the modified standards of the Schedule to the BMO.

This now means that the modified standards apply where an application to construct a building or carry out works is accompanied by a letter form the CFA stating that, in its view, the Board has implemented satisfactory emergency management arrangements aimed at prioritising the protection of human life. The modified requirements then provide that construction of works must be one of the following:

  1. BAL-40 construction in accordance with AS3959.
  2. Determined by a fire safety engineer that the building will be capable of withstanding an equivalent level of predicted bushfire attack and levels of exposure. (The definition of fire safety engineer under the Building Regulations means a registered building practitioner in the category of engineer, class of fire safety engineer.)
  3. Determined using an alternative methodology to the satisfaction of the relevant fire authority.

Buildings must also be provided with defendable space to the satisfaction of the CFA.

The Community Bushfire Emergency Management Plan is subordinate to the Municipal Emergency Management Plan and the Municipal Fire Management Plan. It also instigates the development of individual Bushfire Management Plans for accommodation, lodges and businesses within the Resort.