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Our Summer Preparedness checklist is designed to help you ensure you cover all necessary and recommended activities for summer preparation.

The checklist provides advice on mandatory and recommended maintenance and bushfire preparedness activities. 

It's also important that you provide our Property team with all current building & emergency contact details. The links to these forms and more are all included in the Summer Preparedness checklist.

Summer Preparedness Checklist

Summer emergency contact details

Over summer, we need to know who to contact in the event of an emergency affecting your property. We recommend that your emergency contact person is familiar with your emergency plans and contactable by phone between October and May.

We also need your current property access information in case of emergency by arrangement with your property's contact person. This information is also provided to the CFA. These details are kept in a secure location. If you are updating your keys please provide the RMB with a copy.

Click here to update your emergency contact details. 

Lease contact details When making changes to your club's committee or a change in body corporate, please remember to let us know. You can update your committee and lease contact details using this form
Property clean-up (fire preparedness) and property maintenance

It's important to ensure you reduce fire risks to your property in the lead-up to summer. This includes:

  • Clearing timber and rubbish around your building
  • Clear under balconies and decks
  • Shut windows and doors, ensuring you replace any fly screens that were removed during the winter months
  • Check for and seal any gaps in the building
  • Ensure cladding / roofing is secure
  • Keep building materials either in a trailer, covered, or inside. Not to be left on any native vegetation
  • Clear chimneys and flues at least once per year
  • Check pilot lights and taps before leaving.


Brushcutting around your property must be completed by the end of April 2023. If you are not able to travel to carry out vegetation clean-up, the RMB offers a brushcutting and clearing service which is charged at $115 per hour - please contact the RMB for more information on You can also use an alternative local provider.

Native vegetation removal

If you think you need to remove native vegetation as part of your fire preparedness work, you need to contact the RMB for approval for these works before carrying them out. Please see below for more information.

Native vegetation removal If you think you need to remove native vegetation as part of your fire preparedness work, you need to contact the RMB for approval for these works before carrying them out. Please contact with your contact details so we can call you, or complete the Native Vegetation Removal Approval Request form.
Hard waste For hard waste collection dates and information about what can be left for collection, please click here.
General waste

Garbage and recycling collection will continue over summer. It's important that visitors manage waste correctly, as native birds and animals are more active during summer and are attracted to rubbish within buildings and at the garbage hutches. 

  • The RMB provides red plastic rubbish bags for general waste and clear plastic bags for recyclables. Please contact the RMB office at if you require a supply of bags.
  • Bags must be double knotted, tied and disposed of in designated garbage hutches within the village. Please do not leave bags outside the hutches, and ensure the hutches are proeprly closed.
  • Cardboard must be flattened before being disposed of in the garbage hutches.
  • Please think of OH&S and do not make bags too heavy for our garbage collection staff to lift.
  • Please note: paint cans, building materials, whitegoods and furniture cannot be collected. You will need to arrange transportation of such waste to suitable tip sites at Omeo or Bright. Please contact the RMB on for assistance with this.

Living Bin / Green Bin Food Waste Recycling

The RMB provides a free benchtop bin and a larger collector bin and compostable bags for collecting all types of food waste, including not only fruit and vegetable scraps, but also leftovers, cooked or uncooked foods (including meat, seafood, cheese, bread), shells, peels, paper plates and coffee grinds. For more information about the program please contact our Environment Team on

Please contact the RMB on for supplies of the special compostable bags for the Living Bin food waste.


The CFA has prepared an Alpine Summer Preparedness Guide, which you can access here. It provides useful tips on personal and property preparedness, as well as tips for an emergency kit in the event you are impacted by bushfire in the alpine area.  

Please note that removal of vegetation at Mt Hotham is subject to RMB approval - please refer the "Native Vegetation Removal" information above.