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Site rent relief

Site rent relief - commercial head lessees and subtenants

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Webinar: Threatened species of the north east

On Wednesday 22 September, hear from experts about the Mountain Pygmy-possum and the Regent Honeyeater, two threatened species that call the North East home.

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Ski Patrol's Rope Rescue Program

COVID restrictions on travel across Victoria in mid August 2021 gave the ski patrol a rare opportunity to facilitate demanding training while the mountain had a mid-season snow cover.

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Garbos to the rescue!

Not all heroes wear capes - some wear hi-vis! Our Waste Management team was surprised when a crow turned up at the Mt Hotham Recycle / Garbage shed in some distress.

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New era for Alpine Resorts

Mar 2021 |  The Victorian Government has announced its intention to merge the four existing Alpine Resort Management Boards (ARMBs), into a new statutory body corporate to be known as Alpine Resorts Victoria.

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Recycling and reusing glass at Mt Hotham

May 2020 |  Mt Hotham RMB's commitment to recycling has reached new heights with the purchase of a glass pulverizer and automated sorting station for waste operations.

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Reducing landfill and preserving our environment

Sept 2019 | Hotham's pristine environment is a key reason people visit year after year, and over the past two decades MHARMB has worked to reduce the amount of rubbish exiting the resort into landfill.

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Turning recycled water into snow

Sept 2019 |  Mt Hotham RMB has a number of initiatives designed to protect and preserve our beautiful environmental resources, including the use of recycled water for snowmaking. 

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