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Posted 9 September 2021

Not all heroes wear capes - some wear hi-vis! Last week, our Waste Management team was surprised when a crow turned up at the Mt Hotham Recycle / Garbage shed in some distress.

The crow walked into the shed where the team was sorting recycling, and they quickly realised it was not in good shape. They were able to catch it and discovered a ring from a cooking oil drum was around its neck and stuck between its beak, causing not only pain but also preventing it from eating.

It took some work but our crew were able to cut the ring off and free the crow. One happy little bird was, after a while, able to properly shut its beak again and after a snack provided by the team headed off to enjoy life.

Don't let rubbish escape into our environment

Food outlets should ensure that used oil drums are always put into garbage hutches and never left outside for curious birds to fiddle with.

It's also important for all Hotham visitors and property owners to ensure that all rubbish and recycling is bagged up correctly and left in the garbage hutches with the door closed properly. If you're not sure, or you need replacement bags, please contact us at 

It's also a great idea to take a couple of minutes more and cut any plastic ring before disposing of it - just in case!

Find out more

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