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Environmental Management Programs

Mt Hotham RMB undertakes a range of environmental management programs. Monitoring and control of feral predators reduces predation of our local fauna, including Mountain Pygmy-Possums, native reptiles and small mammals. Pest predator control is informed by remote sensing cameras which monitor activity across tracks and trail networks.

Historically, many exotic (weed) plants were introduced through cattle grazing and for soil stabilisation purposes.

This, combined with more recent construction and development, as well as recreation and tourism activities, has led to an increase in the exotic flora at the Resort. Some of these exotic species have become invasive, such as Ox-eye Daisy, Grey Salix Willow, English Broom, Yarrow and Soft Rush. These invasive weeds pose a threat to the biological diversity of the Resort and as such, the Board conducts a thorough annual weed eradication program to combat this threat. Control of weeds within the resort, particularly Willow trees, improves habitat and enables native species to re-establish. 

Many of the indigenous species are further threatened by climate change. As such, Mt Hotham has been working hard to reduce its electricity consumption and it's greenhouse gas emissions and the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board have been investigating alternative energy production.

Fox baiting

Posted 25 November 2021

Parks Victoria in partnership with Mt Hotham Resort Management will be undertaking a 1080 pest animal poisoning program using buried baits throughout Mount Hotham Resort from November 2021 until May 2022.

The fox control program is being conducted to protect the endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum and other native prey species that call Mt Hotham resort home.

The fox baiting map is here.

To minimise the risk of poisoning to your animals and yourself please keep dogs on leads at all times and do not disturb bait stations.  If you find any carcasses that you suspect may be poisoned please advise Mt Hotham RMB or Parks Victoria, Bright Office on 03 5755 0001 or email