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Environmental Management Plan

Mount Hotham Alpine Resort comprises Crown land with a small proportion of freehold land.

The resort covers an area of approximately 3,450 hectares bound by Alpine National Park on all sides. Approximately 11% of the total resort area is utilised for ski field area.

The resort comprises of sharp and slightly rounded peaks connected by ridgelines and steep gullies, with the highest peak being Mount Hotham at an elevation of 1861 meters asl. The resort sits at the headwaters of four major river catchments: the Kiewa, Mitta Mitta, Dargo (Mitchell) and Ovens.

The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (RMB) established under the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997 is the Crown land manager acting as a Committee of Management under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978.

As the land manager, the RMB is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the natural environment within the resort, whilst providing essential services to support the local community and snow tourism industry. The resort has high biodiversity and conservation values with several threatened species known to occur within the resort.

Provision of services and snow tourism places pressure on the sensitive alpine and sub-alpine environment within the resort. Combined with the impending impacts of climate change, the RMB has a responsibility to ensure land is managed in a sustainable manner which is compatible with the alpine environment.

The Statement of the Environment report (below) assists the RMB in developing the Environmental Management Plan (below) which highlights key focus areas to assist in reducing environmental impacts due to resort operations and identify management actions to mitigate threats to native flora and fauna.

The RMB's Environmental Management Plan broadly classifies five themes of environmental values being:

  • Production, Waste and Consumption
  • Atmosphere
  • Land Management
  • Biodiversity and Threatened Species
  • Water

Each theme identifies aspects of RMB operations as well as impacts that can be associated with each. The Environmental Management Plan outlines the goals and actions; including responsible person/s and timelines where appropriate, to achieve the aim defined in the Environmental Policy.