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Mt Hotham is seeking tenders from interested parties in this incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to develop commercial premises in Australia’s highest alpine village, Mt Hotham.

Four parcels of land are available in the highly desirable heart of the village, with attractive long-term leases.

With outstanding views and strategically located near resort services, the Hotham Central Precinct is a prime development location.

With direct access to the Great Alpine Road and within close proximity to the ski field, all sites offer exceptional commercial and residential opportunities.


Mt Hotham is one of Victoria’s leading alpine resorts, offering stunning natural vistas and the best snow falls in the State.

In winter, its diverse runs and abundant snow attracts over 150k visitors who enjoy downhill, cross country and backcountry skiing and snowboarding.  Over the warmer months (Spring, Summer, Autumn) Hotham appeals to walkers, cyclists and nature-based enthusiasts who enjoy the resort’s vast and striking alpine terrain. 

The resort is currently working to match Hotham’s world-class natural assets with high-quality public infrastructure and visitor experiences. This includes the transformation of the Hotham village, the highest of its kind in Australia. 

Visitor facility developments with a combined value of $18m are currently underway in-resort, designed to position Mt Hotham for long-term strategic growth. Key projects include Alpine Gateway Car Park and Visitor Centre, Hotham Snowplay & Activity Hub, a new biathlon facility, and placemaking works to lift the look and feel of the Village.

These critical developments respond to increasing demand from existing and emerging markets, and signal the start of a new phase of growth and revitalisation for the resort


Mt Hotham Alpine Resort is situated on Crown Land that is managed by the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (RMB). The RMB is a State Government statutory authority that provides a similar range of services to councils, including the management of water, waste and sewerage, and the provision of public facilities and economic development activities. RMB was established by Section 34 of the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997.

The RMB’s scope includes responsibility for the growth of the resort in alignment with the Mt Hotham Masterplan. Developed in conjunction with stakeholders, the Masterplan establishes a long-term view for resort development and optimisation. The Masterplan identifies five key precincts for development with the Hotham Central Precinct positioned as the a critical component within this vision.  The creation of the Hotham Central Precinct aims to unify resort services in an accessible, central location, creating a vibrant new centre for resort activity.


The Hotham Central Precinct offers premium access to the ski area as well as being located close to the resort’s transport interchange and existing commercial hubs. Primarily comprising the Corral Car Park, this area has the potential to host new food and beverage offerings, hotel, retail outlets and more. It will markedly improve the urban form and visitor experience offered in-resort, stimulate new commercial opportunities, and support effective place-making for the local community. With a year-round view, the project is also consistent with the resort’s efforts to support climate change adaptation and sustained resilience of the resort.

Reflecting on Masterplan objectives, the RMB is undertaking this Request For Tender (RFT), offering a limited release of prime development sites within the Hotham Central Precinct. Framing the proposed transport interchange and new Village Square, four individual parcels will each host distinct commercial offerings. With the intent of strengthening Mt Hotham’s position as Victoria’s premier alpine resort, the RMB will welcome development proposals which enhance community resilience and visitor experience.

The RMB will continue to provide advice regarding the long-term management of the Hotham Central Precinct and the resort. In conjunction with stakeholders and the Victorian Planning Minister, the selected developers will work hand in hand with the RMB to ensure the Precinct’s existing atmosphere is complemented with the new redevelopment. The RMB is now seeking responses for the development of the newly identified parcels within the Hotham Central Precinct.



The RMB recognises the need for appropriate development within the Hotham Central precinct. Given the usage requirements for the Corral Car Park area, including critical services such as transport and public facilities, commercial services will complement this highly desirable location. Ranging in size from 650m2-1,200m2 (approx.), four sites have been identified for release, each offering unique development opportunities. 

In addition to the above, the RMB is seeking development responses which facilitate a long-term lease (to the RMB) for the provision of a medical centre on any one of the sites. The medical centre will require approximately 500sqm of space, which could contribute to the ground floor retail offering of a site. Responses should note an interest in the provision of this offering and potential commercial model associated with tenure. Whilst the RMB acknowledges that a range of site usages may be proposed under this RFT, it is envisaged that the ground floor of developments will generally host a commercial offering to support the creation of a Village hub, whether retail, food & beverage or other. Subsequent floors are subject to the RFT response and will be considered on the aggregate merit of the RFT proposal. The inclusion of car parking should be considered under RFT responses in alignment with Alpine Planning Scheme. The RFT process, including selection criteria, timelines and submission details, is being conducted via the Buying for Victoria (Tenders VIC) and can be found here Display Tender RFT22-003 (



General Location

The Request for Tender process is being conducted via the Buying for Victoria (Tenders VIC) website. Interested parties are invited to access the tender information and subsequently submit development proposals via the tender portal, prior to the tender closing date of 29 July 2022. Questions regarding the tender process or the development opportunity must be submitted via the tender portal. Subsequent proposals must also be submitted through the Buying for Victoria website:

Display Tender RFT22-003 (

General enquiries can be directed to:

Lyndsey Jackman
Property, Planning & Development Director
Mt Hotham Resort Management
0400 339 626