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Bogong Moth Tracker

The Bogong Moth is an amazing migratory species, but was sadly listed as Endangered in 2021. It is important in its own right and to its ecosystem, including Australia’s alpine zone.

The Mountain Pygmy-possum is listed as Critically Endangered, with fewer than 2,000 left in the wild, and an urgent threat to their survival is the loss of their spring food source, the Bogong Moth.

Each year in spring, Bogong Moths migrate long distances and arrive in the Mountain Pygmy-possums habitat in alpine Victoria and New South Wales, but their numbers have been dwindling.

Citizen scientist sightings of moths, submitted with photos to Moth Tracker, help us understand where the Bogong Moths are in their yearly migration, where they may be drawn away from their flight paths, and how their numbers are looking.

You can get involved and help change the future of the Mountain Pygmy-possum and the Bogong Moth.

Help us by tracking your Bogong Moth sightings

If you see a Bogong Moth, or a moth you think could be a Bogong Moth, take a photo and upload to the Moth Tracker website.

It’s quick and easy, and will help scientists better understand how to help the moths and if they will make it to the mountains this year.

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