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Orders and enquiries can be placed by email, phone or by making an appointment to visit the nursery.

Plant seed and material is sourced from the Ovens, Kiewa and Omeo valleys. Alpine plant seed and material is sourced from Mt Hotham, Falls Creek and Mt Buller alpine resorts.



  • 0408 151 130
  • 5338 Great Alpine Road, Ovens VIC 3741


Prices (including GST)

Local Natives - Forestry Tubes

Quantity Price per plant ($)
1 to 49  4.00
50 to 499 3.30
500 to 999 3.00
1000+ 2.75





Alpine Natives - 70mm tubes

Quantity Price per plant ($) 
1 to 49 7.70
50+ priced to order


Grasses (42mm tube)      

$2.75 each


Approximate fulfilment time

Many alpine plant species are very slow growing therefore it is necessary to allow between 9 to 12 months in the nursery for most plants to be big enough for planting, a few of the really slow shrubs take to 18 months.

In gardening terms this appears to be a very long time however it can be very gainfully used for site preparation, ie weed control is very important for the success of a project, and staggering the planting times can allow time for reassessment and to gather more resources or onsite help.

Very occasionally the nursery has small numbers of plants that are extra from another order and these are available for sale sometimes right when you need them!

Further information

- Bulk orders may need to be ordered in advance.

- Speciality orders available by request.

- Postal deliveries also available on request.