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Living bin food Waste Recycling

Mt Hotham offers organics recycling across the resort. 50% of waste from the resort is food waste. Organics in landfill rot and release harmful methane gases contributing to climate change.

Everyone at Hotham can help reduce how much organic waste goes to landfill by using Hotham's 'Living Bin' program. The RMB provides a free benchtop bin and a larger collector bin and compostable bags for collecting all types of food waste, including not only fruit and vegetable scraps, but also leftovers, cooked or uncooked foods (including meat, seafood, cheese, bread), shells, peels, paper plates and coffee grinds.

The RMB then recycles the waste at our on-mountain composting facility to produce a rich organic compost. For more information on the program please contact our Environmental team on