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The Hotham Marketing Committee has been established by MHARMB to provide on-mountain operators with a representational committee of volunteers tasked with supporting and engaging all on-mountain operators (OMO) for the promotion and marketing of Mt Hotham Alpine Resort.

Marketing and promotional activity for the resort is facilitated via the official Mt Hotham website (co-owned and funded by Mt Hotham Ski Company (MHSC) and MHARMB and the social media channels managed by MHARMB. Content and contributions for use on the website and social media are provided from all on-mountain operators to the MHARMB Marketing team; additional to the content from MHSC and MHARMB.

The committee is tasked with guiding the marketing effort and ensuring all promotional activities and communications are guest-centric, that content is informative and showcases all that Mt Hotham has to offer, drives interest and visitation to the resort and promotes the Mt Hotham brand.

The specific responsibilities of the committee are:

  1. Provide parameters and guidelines to OMOs relating to appropriate content for the website and social media channels.
  2. Facilitate planning of marketing activities, themed communications, and resort-based events.
  3. Enable effective communication and feedback from, and to, all OMOs to assist with the marketing of Mt Hotham.
  4. Agree and communicate the parameters on OMO eligibility for inclusion on the website and participation in the social media program.
  5. Discuss feedback on Mt Hotham website for MHSC and MHARMB consideration, as required.

Committee membership

As a representative body, the committee comprises four appointed and three elected members, as outlined below. Elections are held every two years, with the election process managed by the Mt Hotham Chamber of Commerce. An elected member can serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.

On-mountain operators are encouraged to work with their category representative if they require assistance and support with any issue or matter to be presented to the committee. The three category representatives will also canvass category operators, as appropriate, for feedback and input on subjects to take to the committee for consideration.



Meeting schedule

Committee meetings will occur monthly through the winter season (June, July, August & September) and bi-monthly for the balance of the year. Meeting dates for the next 12 months are listed below.

All matters for consideration must be submitted to a committee member or the committee chair a minimum of 14 days prior to the next committee meeting date, using contact details as provided above.

Community Marketing Meeting dates for 2022 are:

February 9
April 6
May 25
July 27
August 17
September 15
November 9