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Drinking Water

For any enquiries about the drinking water at Mt Hotham, please call Mt Hotham Alpine Resort, on (03) 5759 3550.

High quality drinking water

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort provides a high-quality drinking water supply that meets customer needs and fulfills the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003.

The Alpine Resorts Victoria (ARV) Drinking Water Annual Report provides detailed information about all aspects of drinking water supplied to the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort (in Chapter 3). The 2022-23 Drinking Water Annual Report is available from the ARV website, Annual Reports ( page.

(To access the 2021-22 Mt Hotham Drinking Water Annual Report, click here.) 


Drinking water tips for owners and stakeholders

To assist property owners and stakeholders with the management of the drinking water supply that is connected to their premises, Mt Hotham Alpine Resort has these useful tips:

  • If your building’s water supply has not been in use for some time, when returning to the building or turning the water back on, it’s advisable to initially run a tap for 2 minutes. 
  • It is advisable, when leaving a building vacant for an extended period of time, to isolate the drinking water mains supply and open drain taps if they are available, in order to reduce the risk of pipes freezing.
  • Being “Water Wise” helps protect our environment. 
  • While out skiing and walking on trails, be mindful when you are inside the catchment of the need to look after the environment within it.

Mt Hotham drinking water catchment

The drinking water supply for Mt Hotham resort is sourced from the Upper Swindlers Creek catchment, which covers an area of approximately 177 hectares.  It is a protected catchment of high ecological value.

We welcome visitors enjoying the catchment area in its natural state but we ask you to refrain from the following activities:

  • vehicle use including 4wd's, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, cars, trucks
  • horse riding
  • rubbish dumping and littering
  • bringing in companion animals
  • lighting fires
  • camping
  • swimming in streams, dams or weirs
  • shooting
  • fishing

 Please use the public toilet facilities in the resort before spending time within the catchment boundary.

Click here to see a map of the catchment area: Mt Hotham Water Catchment Map

Further information about drinking water legislation, drinking water standards, protecting water catchments and drinking water quality, in Victoria, can be found at