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LP Gas

LP Gas fitting works

1. Complete Form A 'General Details' for all gas fitting works, then complete step 2.

2. Select the type of gas fitting work and complete the corresponding additional form (form B or C)

3. Forward completed forms (A, B or C) to the RMB via This acts as your start work notification to the RMB.

4. On completion of works, complete Form D: 'Completion Notice' and forward to the RMB via This notifies the RMB that the installation has been certified by a person endorsed in gas fitting and the installation is safe to be supplied with gas.                                           

Note: Gas fitting works must be undertaken by a registered or licenced plumber endorsed in gas fitting.

LP Gas supply reestablishment

If your LP Gas supply is off, read this document carefully before you reestablish the supply.

LP Gas Supply Agreement

Most premises accessing gas at Mt Hotham are signatories to a gas supply agreement, which establishes terms for the supply of gas. The terms and conditions for gas agreements can be accessed here: MHARMB LPG Customer Supply Agreement with Terms and Conditions

For any queries regarding the supply of gas at Mt Hotham, please contact our Property team using the details below.

P/ 03 5759 3550

When changing property ownership please contact the MHARMB to undertake your final gas read before the scheduled settlement date.  Gas Supply Agreement - Frequently Asked Questions


  • If someone’s life or property is in danger,
  • if someone has been injured
  • if there is a fire or explosion
  • if you believe a life-threatening situation exists

CALL 000 IMMEDIATELY (Fire/Ambulance/Police)


If you can smell, hear, or see a gas leak, or if there is a water or sewer emergency, you should immediately call Mt Hotham RMB on 03 5759 3550,  (24 hours / 365 days a year) and follow the prompts for the after hours emergency contact.

For more information about reporting a gas leak or emergency, click here.  

Gas Safety Tips information sheet.


Energy Safe Victoria is Victoria’s energy safety regulator, responsible for electricity, gas and pipelines safety. More LP Gas safety guidance and information about LP Gas regulations in Victoria is available from the Energy Safe Victoria website: