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Waste Water

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board is the utility service provider for wastewater treatment in the Mt Hotham resort.

For any enquiries call (03) 5759 3550

Resort wastewater treatment plant

The Mt Hotham wastewater treatment plant is predominantly a biological treatment plant, based on activated sludge principles.  The adjoining Class A Recycled water treatment plant is able to provide additional treatment of the secondary effluent from the WWTP, to Class A water quality standards.

The Mt Hotham wastewater treatment plant and recycled water treatment plant are licenced by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority.

On-site wastewater treatment systems

Mt Hotham RMB is also the regulator for on-site wastewater management systems up to 5000L/day (i.e., septic tanks) of which there are a small number within the resort. Please contact the RMB for enquiries relating to upgrading, replacing or making changes to your septic tank.

More information about wastewater regulations, and the EPA's wastewater guidelines, can be found here:

Wastewater tips

To assist with the management of the wastewater system that is connected to your premises, follow these useful tips:

•    Don't pour cooking oil and fats down the sink

•    Don't flush baby wet-wipes down the toilet, even if they are marked as "flushable" - they are not!

•    Don’t flush sanitary products or foreign objects down the toilet

•    Don’t pour paint or harmful chemicals or fuel down the drain.

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